Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Whirlpool Tub

Whirlpool Care

Keeping your whirlpool tub clean and free of bacteria is essential for the health of your family and the life of your whirlpool. Cleaning the surface as well as the jets and plumbing system twice a month will keep your whirlpool tub working properly.

Whirlpool Surface Care

After every use, wipe down the entire surface and basin of the tub. This will prevent mildew from building up in the corners and edges of the jet openings. Make sure to use a soft cloth or squeegee to avoid scratching the surface of the whirlpool. When doing maintenance cleaning, use a mild non abrasive cleaner and avoid detergents, disinfectants or cleaning products that come in an aerosol can. Keeping up on regular cleanings will save time and effort during monthly deep cleaning.

Whirlpool Jet and Plumbing Maintenance

Before performing the whirlpool system cleaning process make sure that all of the jets are closed tightly so there is no air induction. Fill the tub with hot water until the water level is just above the highest jet. Be careful not to start the whirlpool before the water has reached the appropriate level. Running a whirlpool without water can damage the pump seals which will lead to leaking or failure. Once the whirlpool tub is full, add cleaning product and let the whirlpool run for 10-15 minutes with the air controls fully open. After this, drain the tub completely and refill the tub with cold water. Run the whirlpool for 5-10 minutes to rinse the system. Dry completely afterwards and your whirlpool will be clean for another two weeks to a month depending on the amount of usage.

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